Healing usually takes about 3 – 7 days. The pigment will appear very sharp and dark immediately after the procedure because it is still sitting on top of your skin, and has not yet settled in completely.

The healing process.

The pigment may rub off but don’t panic — the color will gradually soften. Once healing of the skin starts taking place, the eyeliner will look like dry skin. Which might give the impression that the color pigment is fading too quickly — this is just superficial color and dry cells being naturally removed from your skin. Do not pick or scratch the area, after couple days this will subside.

It is highly recommended to wear sunglasses to avoid exposure sunlight, this helps prevent the color from fading prematurely.

The day of treatment

Every hour, wash treatment area with a slightly damp cotton swab. Use one end of a fresh cotton swab to apply the provided ointment on the treatment area, use the other end wipe off the excess. You only need a light coat of ointment as a barrier so the skin can breathe.

Put ointment on treated area right before you shower or wash you face to help protect the area from soap and water, and again after you dry your face.

Do not use contacts or eye makeup for 1 day following your treatment.

3 days after treatment

Baths and showers are permitted but do not wash, scrub or touch the treated area. Avoid steaming hot baths, showers and saunas for at least 3 days.

First week after treatment

No soap, cleanser or shampoo on the treated area for one week.

Do not use eyelash growth serum for 1 week after your treatment.

Do not wear any eye makeup on the treated area for a week to avoid the risk of a secondary infection.

Be sure to put provided ointment on before you go to bed at night and first thing when you wake up in the morning for the first 7 days.

Second week after treatment

No swimming for at least 2 weeks.

Minimize exposure to the sun, and wear sunglasses when in the sun in order to protect the fresh color for the first 2 weeks.

Important reminders.

Do not pick the dry healing skin tissue or you may remove the pigment color.

Continue your anti-viral medication, if you are using any, until the end of prescription.

Do not touch with fingers and stay away from dirt, gardening, or sport activities to prevent possible infection.

Itching is common but do not rub, pick or scratch your eyes. If you notice a little lifting of color, let it fall off naturally.